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Collagen for face, joints and nourished hair

As used collagen face and wrists

That the collagen to face unequaled in cosmetics, you confirm numerous expensive preparations in perfumery. You'll notice it among the ingredients on labels of many famous creams and lotions. Many anti-age programs and the fight against wrinkles are unthinkable without it. The first signs of aging, many attribute to just its absence.
They call it glue for skin, because parts of the body connected to a functional unit. You may not even know that he was, in fact, the guardian of public health. It protects our joints and bones, recovering damaged hair, and undoubtedly  one of the most important factors for resilience and beauty of the skin .
This protein compound in forming a connective tissue, keeps the cardiovascular system, and affects the proper functioning of the digestive tract.
The article refer to compensate collagen naturally and find out in which to store it mostly has. 

What is that collagen and its function

When the meanings of collagen, many first think of shiny, nourished skin and a declaration of war for years. Indeed, the process of its production and renewal slows down with time.
In addition there is in the skin, it takes part in the formation of connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones. On the other hand, helps build cartilage. Collagen for joints is simply irreplaceable ingredient.
It is known that his lack of over the years and reflects on the pain in the joints and their condition.
Since it has the blood vessels, it can be said that preserves the health of the cardiovascular system, as it prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
It is essential for the good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, some studies lack of collagen associated with irritable bowel syndrome. They bring him in connection with inflammatory bowel disease - Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
For all this, the collagen powder accelerates metabolism, and is a great ally in maintaining the health of the liver. In fact, it is more resistant to the effects of pollutants and toxins that we consume daily diet. This is why facilitates its detoxification.
Collagen for face and skin

What causes the lack of collagen in the body?

Asked causing the collagen in bones and joints loses, there is still no single answer. Unfortunately, aging is not the only thing that slows the production of this protein compounds.
Certain autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis have led to the concentration of collagen in the body decreases.
While on these factors can not be influenced, there are those who are subordinate to our habits and lifestyle.
For example, excessive exposure to sunlight is critical at this compound. However, one should not forget that 20 minutes a day in the sun each of us is necessary. Expose him in the early evening, when the lower intensity, but then greatly aids in the production of vitamin D in the body.
So, the key is moderation.
Smokers are regularly faced with a lack of collagen. Harmful substances from cigarettes does not affect only the production but also on general health.
Finally,  attention should be paid to food.
Studies have shown that people who eat more sugar in the body often faced with serious conditions and diseases. For all of them is a key ejection excessive amount of carbohydrates of regular meals. Learn which foods have collagen and customize your menus.

What are the foods rich in collagen?

Given that acts as an antioxidant,  vitamin C protects existing collagen in the joints and bones of the damage .
Together with amino acids  lysine  and  proline  creates  procollagen , whose presence in the body prerequisite for the production of the compounds. Therefore, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables during the season, because these foods are rich in vitamins C.
In addition to the aforementioned ingredients today you in pharmacies available collagen supplement with vitamin C. Care Dose exclusively in accordance with the recommendations of your doctor.
When it comes to  amino acids , they are hiding in the specialties rich in protein. So do not hesitate to enjoy the meat, particularly poultry and beef, seafood.
Also collagen in the food you will find in dairy products and eggs. There's also plant sources of protein, such as beans or soybeans.
Forming proteinkog compounds assists and  vitamin A.  Its production in the body to encourage you if you eat sweet potatoes, carrots and green leafy vegetables.
No less important is not  copper , which are a good source of nuts, goat cheese, sesame seeds, kale and chickpeas.
Natural collagen in the food you will find in prunes, flax seeds, spinach, Swiss chard, rastan and asparagus. For not falling behind celery, olives, cucumbers, fresh avocado, pomegranate and others.

Where else has collagen?

This protein is not only found in the human body. Its origin is, for example, broth which is obtained after cooking beef or chicken bones and foot, and has it in fish and eggs. Therefore, prepare collagen soup of seeds and make up for his lack of nutrition.
For collagen powder, which are in the form of supplements effects are known and long established. However, many researchers have expressed doubts about the effect of natural protein a compound of the foods.
Namely, when a food you consume proteinaceous compound, it breaks down into amino acids. Therefore, it is questionable whether it is provided in this way actually affect the level of this protein structure in the body.
However, nutrition is by no means negligible factor in its creation. Natural Collagen in food provides many benefits for our overall health.
Also, sleep and exercise stimulate its production.
Some nutrients are very important to the process of creating this protein compounds undisturbed place in our body.
Benefits of exercise and sweet dream
As some habits devastating the collagen in the body, there are those that stimulate its production. First of all, it is necessary to ourselves every night provide between seven and nine hours of sweet sleep.
In fact, sleep helps your body to recover from a hard day, practically "resets" its functions. In addition to increasing his ability to produce this protein compounds. Pushing, sleep deprivation is often associated with increased secretion of stress hormones, leading to breakage of collagen.
In addition to sleep is necessary and  moderate physical activity . If you go to the gym, most beneficial exercises are resistance and endurance training. They promote the secretion of growth hormone, which is very important for the production of collagen, in particular the muscles and tendons.
But, as in all things necessary to have a measure -  it is best to exercise several times a day for 15 minutes .

Natural Collagen Face of medicinal aloe

Some herbs can stimulate the production of precious protein compounds. Studies have shown that aloe vera is certainly the most powerful ally in this mission. Almost every face cream with collagen and elastin is often cited as one of the main ingredients.
Laboratory studies have shown to aloe could improve its production by about 90 percent.
However, experts warn, on the following fact.
  • A typical application of medicinal plants can soften wrinkles and refresh skin. However, it is not so effective when it comes to its production internally.
But there is a simple solution that is used for collagen face of aloe.
Daily take 3:00 to 6:00 tablespoons alojinog juice. Make it so that you will one tablespoon of gel from its identifies dispersed in a glass of water. However, prior to consult a doctor and herbalists.
They help marigold and yellow primrose
Since what is sure how important collagen in the face, be sure not to leave out the  marigold . He is considered one of the best friends of the skin just because it stimulates the production of these compounds. Although it is usually applied topically, can be used in tea form.
And yellow primrose is true for great assistant in preserving the health of the skin, also because of the impact on the production of this protein. It is best to buy almost evening primrose oil and follow the instructions for use.
On the other hand, tea of ​​calendula can do yourself.
One full teaspoon of calendula flowers pour from 2.5 children just boiling water. Replace the top and let stand for ten minutes, and then filtered. You can drink a cup two or three times a day before meals.

For bones and joints using horsetail and basil

The extent to which the collagen for bones and joints important know best suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Such patients, this protein compound is essential in the daily diet.
For the prevention of rheumatism and arthritis excellent proved to be basil and horsetail. Unjustly neglected, but are no less powerful than aloe and calendula.
The secret is in the horsetail silica, which is essential to this compound is continuously created in the human body. It is effective in restoring damaged connective tissue. It helps the body to use calcium, a good ally in preserving bone health.
Tea horsetail is saved by the full scoop plant prefers with 2.5 dl of water and strain it after rest for a few minutes. It should not drink more than two cups a day.
On the other hand, basil and stimulates production of collagen which strengthens bone.
His fresh or dry leaves can add food as a condiment. If you prefer tea of ​​basil, prepare it like this:
One teaspoon of herb drizzle with 2.5 dl of boiling water. They drink the most two cups a day, no more than one week continuously, and then to do a two-week break.

Syrup of hawthorn keeps tendons and ligaments

In the sense of hawthorn many supporters of phytotherapy immediately think of the health of the cardiovascular system. Indeed, this plant is considered the best friend of the heart muscle.
However, flavonoids which has the hawthorn berries protect collagen from damage and stimulate its production. Therefore, the fruits of hawthorn particularly effective in maintaining the health of tendons, ligaments and cartilage.
Make a syrup of hawthorn:
Immerse a fresh cup of hawthorn berries in 3 cups of distilled water. Heat to boiling and cook three minutes. Then remove from heat and mash the berries in water so as to obtain a pulp. 
Strain hawthorn syrup and mix it with one cup of honey. All mix well, pour in a dark glass jar and refrigerate. Take three to six tablespoons a day.
  • Have you heard that collagen for oral use multiple beneficial health effects. In fact, on the "inside" working on our skin and hair.

How to use collagen to your hair?

For healthy hair and strong root, be sure to use collagen powder dryer. He has a profound effect on its growth and prevent further decline. Will enhance the texture and thickness of almost every hair.
Dissolve 5 grams of powder in a deciliter of water, yogurt, tea or juice. Wait until a dissolved completely, and then drink a potion. The maximum daily dose is 10g and everything beyond that is the risk.
Very quickly absorbed by the body.
If your hair dry and prone to cracking, are easily damaged and have no gloss mandatory use this natural conditioner. Thanks to the protein of connective tissue, recover damaged hair.
For the purpose of rapid recovery of the scalp, prepare the following recipe:
Tablespoon gelatin mix with one egg yolk. Gently mix, because the only way you can avoid lumps. This is made mixture gently apply on your hair. (Should be moist). Keep the mixture for about ten minutes on the head, and then Saper warm water and comb it better.
Compound Yolk with gelatin obilije protein, which simply feed your hair and contribute to its healthier appearance.
A similar recipe you can make and if you mix the gelatin from the bag with your shampoo. You will get a phenomenal conditioner. It needs to be before using strongly shaken, and used all the way regularly.

What are the experiences with Collagen

Experiences with collagen powder are totally positive and negative criticism and commented almost gone. If dosed in the anticipated amount does not have any harmful effects. It should be consumed at least 3 months in continuity, in order to reach more visible shift.
Users of this natural preparation are most fully satisfied with the results. In fact, exceeded their initial expectations.
Note :
The so-called  marine collagen capsules  contain much higher amounts of calcium minerals . It is derived from shark cartilage. If used longer can cause fatigue, constipation, pain in the joints and bones. It is not excluded either nausea with vomiting, and much more rarely comes to heart rhythm disturbances. Some people may be allergic reactions occur.
If you are taking the above mentioned tablets, you reduce the intake of calcium and be sure to guard. About all timely inform your doctor.
Do you want to drink it but you can not taste not like?
One of the more common complaints on collagen powder, is his taste. In fact, on some people not pleasant. If that's the case with you, it is best to use it with yogurt to neutralize it a bit.
For this purpose can serve fruit juices. However juice Avoid tomatoes, apples and oranges because they are acidic and can reduce the effect of the preparation.

Where to buy it in Serbia?

The powder can be found in well-stocked pharmacies, DM shops, a widely represented on the Internet. For collagen price ranges from 2,700 RSD and up. Depending on the type and manufacturer. Take care of it and always read the declaration on preparations before your purchase.
If you need a collagen facial, and do not want to make it yourself, there are a number of purchasing masks. Their price in perfumery is usually not small.
 Soraya -  known cream with collagen and elastin costs 8 euros and belongs to something cheaper products.
To summarize ...
This important protein and how these need our body, so it regularly enter the foods that contain it. Feel free to enrich your menus with the above ingredients.
In case you have a lack of collagen, only with medical supervision take supplements, pills school ampoules.
On this occasion, we would recommend you and our earlier article about the health benefits of beef gelatin. This product is recommended to anyone who has problems with the joints and bones.

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