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Uvin tea for the ureters and kidneys

For what is good uvin tea as medicine

Uvin tea, which is made from plants  Uva Ursi , very popular natural beverage that solves diseases of the urinary tract. The nation is also known as  bear grapes , but has long been an integral part of traditional medicine. When you go to a urologist to check very easily can happen that will recommend just tea provisions for urinary infections. Besides being used for treatment of infection diseases and kidney, bladder and urethra, the beverage has its use in relieving the symptoms of the prison, and is effective against bronchitis.
Therefore it is better to instead of traditional medicines that are expensive, take tea of ​​reserves, which will delight you with its blagotvornošću. Very nice combined with cranberries, and is especially effective if you drink with bicarbonate of soda. Below we tell you of what is good uvin tea, to be properly prepared, which has its own application and to be dosed.

What's it like herb uva - Description and composition

The herb uva was given a different name in our nation - bear grapes, because people noticed that these large animals often eat its berry fruits. It is a species of evergreen dwarf shrubs that grow to 30 centimeters in height, and is widespread across Canada, the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America. It is interesting that is very resistant to low temperatures, and therefore has in the Arctic zone in the north of Norway, Iceland and Russia.
Its leaves are glossy and dark green in color, and slightly oval in shape at the top. The herb uva blossom in the spring, ie from April to June, when they appear white and pink flowers. During the autumn, they are transformed in berry fruits red. It is noteworthy that the need for tea leaves picked reserves, at a time when it starts to flower. They for some may be unpleasant, astringent and bitter taste, which is proof that the full medicinal ingredients.
Bear grape its beneficial effects on the human body has as a natural and powerful antiseptic. It works best if consumed as uvin tea, because that way most effectively eliminate harmful bacteria accumulated in the urinary tract.
Medical impact of this plant lies in its composition, because the leaves contain reserves of up to 11 percent of phenolic glycosides, present tannin and flavonoid. The combination of these ingredients provides that bear grapes has an antimicrobial effect and is a strong antioxidant.

Tips for growing reserves in the yard

In our country, preserve plant grows in places that are dry and rocky, and most suits her altitude over 1200 meters. Due to the extensive and all neopreznijeg collecting leaves, this species has become fairly sparse in their natural habitats, and therefore regulated by a special Decree.
Growing reserves is quite possible to carry out in their own backyard, only need to find enough sunny place. Fits her stony, shallow and wet land, where there are no weeds.
Ear plant planted by seeds sown in the month of March, at a distance of 50 cm between each row and the distance between each should be about 25 cm. The depth should be up to 4 cm.
Seedlings reserves can later transplant to another location, but only when they reach 15 cm in height, what happens at the end of August. In this case, we recommend that you find her spacious place, and the most favorable to her meadow, because the sunny throughout the day.
During the summer months when possible drought, it is advisable to carry out irrigation of crops, and make sure it is regularly Pleva, protect from weeds and disease. After two years, it will cover the whole surface and prevent weed growth.

What are the medicinal properties of tea uvinog

What best characterizes the healing properties of tea uvinog is its use  against urinary tract infections . It is very effective in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cystitis, urethritis and nephritis.
Arbutin, which is the main ingredient of this plant is easily absorbed in the stomach and enters the urinary tract. It works against all germs that cause inflammation in the bladder, promotes their elimination and creates a sense of relief after each excretion. Uvin tea for urinary channels is beneficial because it reduces the very irritation and prevents new infections of the urinary tract.
Also, efficient and as  a diuretic . A number of antioxidants which this plant is rich will help to clean your body of all harmful substances. Uvin tea is good for the elimination of bacteria and toxins from the bladder, and intestines. Is in use and the prevention of diarrhea, to hydration if there is an increased loss of water.
It is interesting that is useful to drink tea provisions for  regulation of blood pressure . Many diuretics can cause fatigue of the body and experience a drop in potassium levels. To avoid this risk, we advise you to drink uvin tea, because it will not have adverse effects on your body. He will preserve potassium in your body and will have a beneficial act on blood pressure.

The best natural remedy for prostate that is enlarged

Many men are interested in that natural substance helps with inflammation of the prostate, be sure that it was the drink of the best. If you have a need for frequent night urination, delayed start of urination, sporadic and intermittent stream, it is certain that you have a problem with the magnification of the gland.
  • To eliminate these unpleasant symptoms, you are advised to drink tea uvin prostate and that two to three cups a day.
uvin tea for kidneys
Helps with female diseases
Tannin which preserves plant contains in its leaves, also favored by the ladies, which is why it is recommended to use the tea from the provisions for the ovaries. As you eliminate the inflammation of the female genital glands, it is necessary to drink three cups of this medicinal beverage a day.
It is important that you do not use for longer than a month for one year, while women are advised to consult with your gynecologist if they want to use uvin tea ovaries.
Alkalisation is necessary
What often happens, and is related to this drink is that there is no proper effect if the body expressed acidity. This means that, if your urine is acidic (a pH less than 7), then this is not healing potion will not operate. It is important to know that the plant preserves the best effect when it was located in the base or alkaline medium, it is important to first adjust your diet.
To uvin tea fact manifested in the best way, it is necessary to eject from the use of foods rich in simple sugars, fatty foods, as well as all those that disrupt the pH value of the body. Focus on diet based on fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals. Avoid frying in oil, it is best to use olive or soybean oil, while the consumption of coffee and alcohol keep to a minimum.

As the tea of ​​reserves at home

When it comes to uvin tea preparation is very simple and easy. It is necessary to obtain the leaves of this plant and to take one full teaspoon. To make sure in its effects, we recommend that you pick them yourself and dry them. Chopped leaves may have less effect because of long standing.
Pour leaves with 2 dl of boiling water, cover and let it rest for about 15 minutes.
Often occurring issues related to uvin tea drink how long and how to use a dose, it is important that you know that it can consume up to three times a day.
Another important advice for this beverage that we want to mention is that uvin tea and soda together have a much better and stronger effect. Be sure not to pour the soda into it but rather the consumption of drink in 2 ml water solution of one teaspoon of NaHCO3.
NOTE: Only after 15 minutes drink up tea reserves, because you will thus enable it to better effect. Baking soda will help to make urine was acidic, and will therefore encourage the best possible effect of this medicinal beverage.
If you do not mind the pungent taste, tea reserves can be combined with cranberries. In addition, very nicely agrees with birch, sage, horsetail, marshmallow and chamomile.
Avoid using sugar or any sweetener, because that way uvin tea fact lost completely.
Tea mixture against sand and stones in the kidney 
This plant has a formidable and effective action against kidney stones. The combination of birch and couch grass will make you free of health problems.
It is necessary to obtain 50 grams of leaves of each plant to crush them and mix. After one spoonful of this herbal mixture you pour with 2 dl water and to cook up to five minutes on a low flame. After that, cover and leave in the oven to a little rest on the stove. Then to stand to cool for two hours, then filter and drink.
Uvin tea against sand, mud and stone in the kidney can drink 4-6 times a day, one cup.

Avoid uvin tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding

During the period of pregnancy and lactation, it really is difficult to determine the adequate nutrition and care should be taken to what is of fluids into the body. During this period women are very susceptible to developing infections of the urinary tract which is very unpleasant phenomenon that must be quickly and efficiently resolved. Just then the questions arise whether it be drinking uvin tea during pregnancy, due to its beneficial effects.
As we have mentioned, we advise against using this drink for more than a month in a year. It should be emphasized that during pregnancy, tea reserves should be completely avoided as it can cause contractions. This can result in a preterm delivery, and in some cases a miscarriage.
As well as being harmful to the fetus uvin tea during pregnancy is harmful and the pregnant woman and does not need to drink it, because it can cause serious liver damage.
As it is not recommended for future mothers should not drink it no children under 12 years. Also, uvin tea and breast-feeding do not mix with each other, so if you have problems with urinary infections using adequate replacement, such as cranberry.

Price uvinog tea in local stores and pharmacies

When it comes to uvin tea price is very affordable. Filter bags cost about 60 dinars, and we encourage you to still use the dried leaves of this plant.
If you can, pick yourself in nature and leave them a few days to dry thoroughly in the sun. But if you are not able, then get them in health food stores where price moves just above 100 pounds to 100 grams.
Uvin tea drink how long (dosage)?
The appropriate dose uvinog tea depends on several factors, but most of the age and overall health. As already mentioned, drink three cups a day of this beverage, or six if you use it in a mixture with other herbs. Its effect is noticeable already after two days, and after one week could cause the illness.
If you notice that your urine color become darker or slightly reddish, do not need to be afraid. This is a natural reaction which achieves uvin tea for urinary infections, because in this way eliminates harmful bacteria and toxins.
Some people may experience stomach pain, and nausea and vomiting. Larger quantities of the recommended dose uvinog tea may lead to devolution, shortness of breath and fainting. Be careful and use this natural remedy within the normal range, always with baking soda, because that way you will have the best effect on the whole organism.

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