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Make the fat of comfrey ... miracle of nature

It goes without botanical experience to a meadow, in a ditch or the road recognized  comfrey (lat. Simphitum ocinale) , herb spread, used and respected throughout Europe.

A perennial woody characteristic appearance with juicy and hairy stem, and purple and pink flowers hanging down growing really everywhere.
Very it is easy to transplant into your garden in such a way as Ren, the root. It is enough to dig a root or part of the roots of the plant and transplant it into your garden. The plant is a perennial, but no matter how deeply dug the root of it is almost impossible to completely remove. The remaining spring will again grow green ment.
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In addition to the healing comfrey is worth keep in the garden because of leaves that soaked in water (alone or with nettles) are worth biofertilizers, and when added to the composting site, decomposing to raise the temperature and speed up the process of recycling biological waste into compost.

The healing properties of comfrey

Healing is part of comfrey her deep and forked root, dark brown to black in color. For preparation of the ointments pit shovel sharp fall, in October and November, when containing a maximum of allantoin, a substance that stimulates formation of new cells, accelerates wound healing, restoration of a broken bone and the tendons damaged sprains and enhances circulation.

The root also contains high concentrations of tannins, whose adstrigantnim feature stops bleeding.!

Numerous recent studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the research centers of preparation gavezovog root and its effectiveness in relieving pain of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative changes of the spine, sports injuries, muscle and the like.
Although there is a tradition in folk medicine and some recipes for teas and tinctures from dried Comfrey roots or leaves, studies have confirmed the toxicity of comfrey for the liver, but again  warned that should be used only for external use. The most widespread and also the most practical medicinal preparation is comfrey Comfrey ointment followed the recipe below ..

Grease from the root of comfrey with olive oil


- 250 grams of freshly dredged and cleaned gavezovog roots.
- 1 kg. bacon to produce fat.
- 1/2 l. cold-pressed olive oil.
- 150 g. wax.


The root of comfrey digging the autumn, in October or November, certainly in a place that is not near a source of pollution and traffic. It is necessary to take out about half a pound of weight. Good wash it, clean it from damage and holes, but do not peel, dry it with a cloth and leave it aside while preparing fat.
One kilogram of fresh pork bacon or bacon fat to melt into cubes so put in a pot, add a little water, stir to prevent burning. It is important that you do not add salt. Grease is over when it swam by a light cracklings. Then drain, and in a separate container at 40 to 45 tablespoons of fat, and leave to cool a little.
While still warm in the ointment prepared grate the root of comfrey, 200 to 250 grams, at the sharp grater cucumber or cabbage. So, in hot fat should fall as thinner leaf roots, and fish them just above the fat to make as little as possible exposed to air and oxidation.
When all root grated and immersed in fat, continue to mix for another 15 minutes. Let's leave to stand covered overnight.
Tomorrow again put on a low flame, heat up just enough that the fat dissolved, and take off the heat and stirred for a further 10 minutes, then drain through cheesecloth into a pot. Ocijeđenoj fats add 40 tablespoons of cold-pressed or extra-virgin olive oil, while the mixture was added another 100 to 150 grams of chopped wax.
We stick to warm or at low heat with constant stirring until the wax melted, then pour it into a porcelain or baking dish. Cover it with a cloth and leave to cool that all ingredients are combined, and cool.
The resulting cooled Comfrey ointment or solid wooden spoon in small ceramic plates, glass or plastic, metal can not. Filled to the edge and pushed well that there does not remain the air seal. Shelf life thus obtained fat a year.
In addition to the already mentioned indications, you can use it to massage the legs, especially with bunions, diabetic foot care, insect and the like. While in traditional medicine comfrey ointment used by applying directly to the open and serious wounds with such applications there is a risk of creating an abscess, because the wound on the surface is closed, and there is pus. More preferably is therefore lubricate the skin with the edge of the wound. Keep out of reach of children and should not use Comfrey ointment for indoor use.

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