srijeda, 19. srpnja 2017.

She appeared rice full of plastic: This is how it is different from natural!

Rice imported from China is often full of pesticides or is mixed with plastic. This, of course, not good by the human body and therefore be good to watch.
Here's how to check whether the rice you purchased natural or totally artificial!
Test with water
In a glass of water, put a tablespoon of raw rice. If it sinks, it's good, if floating on the surface, is not.
Test with fire

You can not smoke a little rice with a match. If you feel the characteristic smell of plastic, do not let him eat.

The test mold
Put the rice in a bowl and close it tightly. Leave in a warm place and in a few days, you will notice the appearance of real rice mold. If mold appears, it means that something is wrong because the appearance of mold normal.
Avan and pestle
Another method that you can make sure the quality of rice, is a method with a mortar and pestle. Put the rice in a mortar and pestle crush. If the powder is white, everything is fine. If the dust yellowish, toss it.

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