srijeda, 19. srpnja 2017.

When a man is ready for marriage? Four signals by the chamber ..

Columnist portal "" Andy Ajzenkopf believes that marriage provides many advantages for men
According to his list, these are the signs that reveal the groom.
1st The desire for "settling"
If a man loses interest for frequent outings and carousing with the team is ready to "settle down". Therefore will often give signs that thinking about future relations.
2. The Joint life he is appealing
If he is tired of finding the city is ready to love "take control" of his life.

And third disadvantages are acceptable to him
Unlike past relationships do not mind him as his partner for hours šopinguje, ridicules him for his collection of jerseys or helicopter to the remote control. These are signs that the price of her character
Fourth  imagines it as the mother of his children
A man who imagines his girlfriend as the mother of their children, thus showing that the foundation of the relationship is not passion or fleeting love, but respect and love, and trust that it will be a great mother.

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