srijeda, 19. srpnja 2017.

TODAY'S LUNCH - light summer lunch: PIZZA most delicious macaroni ..

500g macaroni 
150-200 gr chicken or turkey salami 
100 g of pickles 
150 -200 g of white cheese 
360 ml (2 cups) sour cream 
olives to taste 
oregano, pepper, the 
slightly kaškavalja
For the above
200-300 grams kaškavalja
Cook macaroni according to directions in salted water, then leave them to be decanted
chopped salami, gherkins, white cheese and a little kaškavalja. If you put olive clips and them.
Mix sour cream with chopped ingredients, add spices to drained pasta, add it all, but in a deeper pan pouljenu all align. Above a little ketchup and mayonnaise. Grate kaškavalj over and place in the oven until kaškavalj dissolved, gets a nice yellow rind.
Serve hot!

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