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Turmeric remedy for many health problems

Turmeric use in Ayurveda

In ancient ayurvedic writings dating back two thousand years turmeric is attributed to the therapeutic action in connection with a number of pathological conditions. These are the first place lung diseases, skin and digestive organs. In the aforementioned books, which still apply for alphabet traditional medicine, are written and numerous recipes with turmeric.
The most common are receptureza compositions against a variety of types of pain, wound healing and anti-liver disorder.
Intensive scientific research conducted during the last 50 years have confirmed the beneficial effects of this plant. Its medicinal value derives from its component - curcumin alkaloids, natural antiseptic that has a strong anti-cancer effect.

Wherein lies the healing properties of curcumin
It is very rich vitamimina B6, B3, folic acid, potassium, iron and manganese. It is considered a good source of fermentable fibers.
Today it is known that there are  at least 15 reasons why you should use turmeric daily . The use as flavoring or as a composition.

The spice turmeric as a medicine in the medicine tradiconalnoj

It has been shown that the plant has blagotovrno fact in the case of prostate cancer. It prevents the growth and prevent the formation of tumor tissue. Also it is true for breast cancer and malignant melanoma.
Curcumin is an outstanding natural cleaner liver, prevents and slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease. It successfully removes harmful plaque deposited in the brain.
Convenient and beneficial effect on all organs in our body, and the best results are achieved with rheumatic diseases.
This spice helps to efficiently remove the pain in the joints, bones and muscles. Improves their mobility because it has a remarkable effect.
Turmeric as medicine is often recommended for rheumatoid arthritis as a mandatory supplement to therapy. There are also other benefits to health at these plants, here are some of them:
  • Improves heart function.
  • Clean blood vessels.
  • Strengthens the bone and it prevents osteoporosis.
  • Regenerates the joints and reduces inflammation in arthritis.
  • Reduces bloating stomach and soothes gastritis.
  • An excellent fighter against bacteria and fungi.
  • A reliable ally in the fight against cancer.
  • Helps better the thyroid gland.
  • Normalize the menstrual cycle.
  • An extraordinary detoxifier of the liver and gall bladder.
  • Extremely works on the skin and helps with psoriasis ljuspavice, eczema and dermatitis skin.
  • Eliminate intestinal parasites and restores intestinal flora.
  • Cough and helps soothe the upper respiratory tract diseases such as bronchitis and bronchial asthma.
  • Helps you lose weight and be an integral part of many popular diets.
  • It speeds up your metabolism because it allows regular and better digestion and eliminates constipation.

Turmeric spice is a perfect natural medicine

Turmeric spice to many of us is already known because it contains curries, popular in many cuisines of the world. This plant from the ginger family. What we did not know enough to have a lot of healing properties. Folk medicine and modern science are sufficiently well known.
In this article we will do our best to explain  what is turmeric . Learn how to use and for which the disease is especially recommended. Read how to create delicious aromatic dishes with this izuzetanog spices.

Make tea from turmeric - recipe

This simple and very healing tea is prepared easily in the following way:
Teaspoonful of turmeric Pour half a liter of boiling water and leave on the fire that briefly key. Add some grated ginger or cardamom, but all together briefly boiled. Optionally sweetened and hot drink.
Tea made from turmeric is ideal in case of seasonal colds and sore throat.
The infusion of turmeric with milk
Another perfect recipe:
The pour 2-3 dl milk ½ teaspoon of turmeric, cumin a pinch, a pinch of rock salt and half a bucket of ghee (clarified butter). Curcumin beverage is drunk warm, and is famous for being soothes cough.
Do you have wrinkles on your face? Koristtite turmeric with honey
A combination of turmeric with honey will reduce redness and dark spots on your face. This natural facial mask will make your skin soft, clean and velvety.
How to combine turmeric and honey?
Take a tablespoon of domestic natural honey and mix with a teaspoon of turmeric. SMEs apply to the face and after the end of treatment rinse with lukewarm water.
This recipe " golden honey " is very effective in eliminating wrinkles. Also, turmeric and honey if they drink together compensate for the lack of iron in the body.

Whiten teeth naturally

Do you want to easily and quickly  restore the whiteness of your teeth , but without being able to pay for expensive treatments? You do not have to go to the dentist, perfectly proved turmeric for teeth whitening.
In addition it will whiten teeth naturally this  Ayurvedic toothpaste  can restore the glow to your face. With this success will eliminate a number of harmful bacteria, deserving to create cavities and bad breath.
How is turmeric paste?
  • All you need to do is to half a teaspoon of dried turmeric mixed with a small amount of water.
The resulting natural toothpaste gently apply to your toothbrush and a good rub your teeth. Nothing other than what it would normally do when oral hygiene. Only take care not to smudge the outside -ie. exterior parts of the skin, out of your mouth. Otherwise, little will be zafarbati in bright yellow ..

Another health benefits of turmeric

Natural cure for prostate cancer
This eastern spice contains curcumin powerful antioxidant which is a powerful free radical hunter.
It has been shown that the spice turmeric strengthens the immune system and has a very snaažno antibacterial and anticancer effect. The latest tests are confirmed in the case of prostate cancer. Its main ingredient curcumin further contributes to the destruction of malignant cells which survive the radiation.
As used in diarrhea and food poisoning?
Ayurvedic medicine claims that just intense and peppery taste that has turmeric spice, effectively killing parasites and numerous calls. In this destroys the layers of fat, sticky toxins, mucus, stimulates blood circulation, as well as better digestion and regulates the chair.
The ancient Indian medicine is based on the premise that it was precisely this matter bitter taste, such as curcumin, the best anti skin diseases.
In addition to acting poison and blood diseases, fever and all kinds of infections and inflammation. The pungent taste of curcumin tightens and heals wounds, but among other stops diarrhea and dysentery.

How is used as a spice in cooking

The standard dose for turmeric in food is from 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoons with each meal. It can be used in sarmi, beans, almost every domestic food and excellent is shown as a spice in a fine salad. Čorbića and Supić will give a fine yellow-gold color, but the most important benefit will bring to strengthen immunity.
Make your best dishes with turmeric
Independently or in a popular blend of curry, turmeric spice plays an important role in Indian and other South Asian cuisines. Due to the numerous beneficial effects on health is increasingly present in the gastronomy of the Western world.
It can be used in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes: is added to the rice, fruit salads, salad dressings. Without it, the unthinkable vegetable dishes, sauces, couscous, potatoes, pancakes, pastries.
Dosage is important
We should not exaggerate with the amount of spices because he has an intense taste and smell. Just add half a teaspoon per meal, and that before the end of cooking to preserve the medicinal value of spices. In soups, sauces, rice and batter for pancakes, a common measure of the pinch of powder.
Potatoes with turmeric recipe
Here's what will be required:
  • 2.5 kilos of potatoes,
  • they
  • pepper,
  • turmeric spice 1.5 scoop,
  • small amount of dried chilli,
  • 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil.
How to prepare:
Cook the potatoes in salted water for 8 minutes longer. Then remove it from the pots, and switch them dry in the cooking pan. Now the season with all the spices and olive oil. The next 40 to 45 minutes in the oven bake at 200 ° C. When you get a golden color, remove it from the oven. The best indicator will be kormpir that should be crunchy. Pleasant!

Causes whether curcumin side effects and some side effects?

This root originating in South Asia, intense yellow color due to the main ingredient - curcumin. It contains a number of active substances that have an impact on health. Because of this, it is one of the main spices of Indian cuisine and medications ancient medicine of Ayurveda.
Science has confirmed the benefits of their active substances, and  turmeric and curcumin are considered safe to use and no side effects . However, in commercial use, but especially in the case of forgery (Yes, there are!) The situation is completely different.
This popular spice often contains additives and  substances sometimes are not listed on the labels . This is why some people experience few side effects. Most of these are felt by those who have used it as a supplement or in higher doses in the diet.
What you are not warned?
oxalate :
Turmeric spice often contains about 2 percent of oxalate. Those in high doses can contribute to kidney stones at predisponranih person. So if you've had problems with sand and stones, be careful.
gluten :
Certain species can comprise from cassava starch, or barley, wheat or rye. This is not good news for people sensitive to gluten and those with celiac disease dijegnostikovanom.
colors :
Forgeries turmeric products of flour, and to enhance the coloring powder, added artificial colors - metanilžuta. It in large quantities can be toxic.
Note : Some types of turmeric may contain heavy metals, which are toxic to the nervous system.
Who is still not recommended?
Until recently it was not recommending people with gallstones, as well as children under five years and pregnant women. Excessive doses of curcumin not correspond not completely healthy persons as may izazavati certain gastrointestinal disturbances ...
The importance of the proper dosage
If a spice used in prescription quantities it does not cause virtually no effects and contraindications. You are sure to consult with your doctor if you are on a particular therapy and taking medication.

What are the experiences of users with turmeric

If your throat healthy and do not have problems with coughing, free every day you can drink a gentle ayurvedic drink.
Mix a teaspoon of turmeric in half a glass of lukewarm water and gently Sip.
Thus prepared detox drink helps better bowel movement and discharge, soothes tense stomach, eliminate bloating and contributes to better digestion. In the long term turmeric for weight loss is good, therefore regularly Sip recommended
With curcumin and other parts of the body will be happy. Circulation running, the liver will be thrilled, metabolism comes themselves, thyroid better protected.
Also, joints are more mobile, our skin is cleaner and softer.
This powerful spice you simply entire body leads to perfect balance.
Use turmeric in your daily menu. Your dishes will get a wonderful aroma and even more beautiful color. In doing so, you will protect yourself and your family members from many diseases and health problems.

experience readers
I use for several months with a combination of honey as a face mask. My impression is that my skin rejuvenated and stretched, fine lines and the wrinkles are less visible to me. Also, the yellow powder ubacujem in food, adding it even in the vegetable broth. The menu tastes like it and are happy to recommend it. Buy only healthy food.
Marianne (31)

Turmeric price and where to buy?

This spice is now available in almost every better equipped herbal pharmacy or health food store. You can but also in the very actions get many medicinal recipes from turmeric. Look SLOBODON any oral advice from the seller. We say and it just so out of a combination of honey and aloe, and many others.
You can easily purchase and from the webshop, ie. through Internt in just a few clicks.
Proper combination of these components can get very efficient drinks. Therefore, curcumin is considered the real treasure among spices.
The free sale as well as on the Internet turmeric spice has cost an average of 2 dolars to 100 grams.

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