srijeda, 19. srpnja 2017.

Sages recommend that you tell no THESE THINGS 6: Keep them as the greatest secret!

This world, although based on truth, however, requires balance, and therefore we are wise people indicate that there are some things, however, it is best to keep to myself.

First you need to keep it a secret, say the sages, are your long-range plans.

Try to remain silent until the moment when your plan falls through. All our ideas are not only imperfect, but they have a lot of bad places that is easily applied blow, and blast them.

Secondly , do not talk about their benefaction - rare in this world, and therefore it should be kept as the apple of his eye. Do not praise yourself for good work. Pride will immediately recognize it and stripping all the gentleness that was given to charity.

Thirdly what not obliged to testify, as recommended by the sages, is on his asceticism.
Do not Honk around on their diet restriction, in the * cohort relations etc. Physical asceticism brings benefit only if it is combined with an emotional component.

Fourth of which should remain silent - about his courage and heroism. In the life of a received external and some internal challenges.
External visible, because people get them for prizes, but overcoming internal challenges nobody notices, thus the prize is not awarded.

The fifth of which is not necessary to critique from others - is to talk about their family problems.
And in general about his personal life. Remember, the less you talk about the problems in his family, thus it will be stronger and more stable. Arguing the release of negative energy that has accumulated in the process of communication.

And sixth, what is not worth mentioning, these are ugly words and gossip you hear during the day.
You dirty shoes on the streets, and you can mess and your awareness. And a man who returns home and recounts all the nonsense he had heard during the day, nothing is no different from the man who entered the house and was not removed his shoes.

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